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  1. The author acknowledges that the Jurnal Sosio-Komunika (JSK) has the right to publish for the first time under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
  2. The author can enter the writing separately, manage the non-exculsive distribution of manuscripts that have been published in this journal to another version (for example, sent to the author's depository, publication into books, etc.), by recognizing that the manuscript was first published in the Jurnal Sosio-Komunika (JSK).

Every manuscript sent in the Jurnal Sosio-Komunika (JSK) is of genuine origin and is not dual in terms of the title and contents of the article when the manuscript is accepted for publication. Each author's name contained in the manuscript that has been published by Jurnal Sosio-Komunika (JSK) has contributed to the substance and intellectual, and must be responsible to the public. If in the future there is a notice of copyright infringement, it is the responsibility of the author, not the responsibility of the Jurnal Sosio-Komunika (JSK) and the Organizer. The manuscript published in the Jurnal Sosio-Komunika (JSK) contains work that has never been published and is not being considered for publication in another journal.

Every writer who will publish in the  Jurnal Sosio-Komunika (JSK) is required to fill out the Copyright Transfer form, can be downloaded below, after it is filled in, signed, and scanned and then the soft file is returned to the mail editor in contact.

Licence :

Jurnal Sosio-Komunika (JSK) is published under the terms of the Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0). This license allows anyone to copy and redistribute this material in any form or format, compile and make derivatives of this material for any purpose, including commercial interests, as long as they attach credit to the Author for the original work.